Welcome! My name is Larry Wentzel and this is my little spot on the world wide web. The purpose of this site is to display some of my creations and provide links to some of the sites I frequent. Even though I have utilized my photography, graphic and web design skills at my current place of employment, I do not consider myself a professional in any of those areas and prefer to call them hobbies of mine. I don’t consider this site a portfolio, since I’m not necessarily looking for work, but I guess it technically will be when I’m finished setting it up.

It’s safe to say that Photography has become my favorite hobby, since that’s what I spend most of my free time doing these days. I do still dabble in graphics and web design, mainly for my employer, but aside from this and the EVACunited.com site, I don’t spend much time doing either at home. I used to take pride in coding my sites in a text editor and filling them with custom graphics, but fell in love with WordPress the first time I tried it. It feels like I’m cheating, but using blog software provides me with more time to focus on photography and my other hobbies.

I am a Volkswagen enthusiast and I attend many cars shows, meets and other events throughout the year, so the majority of my photos are of automobiles. However, I do also enjoy photographing people and BMX bikes. Yes, BMX bikes. Building old school BMX bicycles and participating in BMX-related events(rides, shows, etc) is another hobby of mine, so of course, I end up shooting tons of photos at those events.

Some photography highlights for me consist of having a photograph of mine published in the January 2013 issue of Hot VWs magazine and another photo appear in the “Cars and Cameras 2013” photography event in Ocean City, MD, during H2O International weekend. The event was organized by More Than More and I was excited to have one of my photographs chosen for the display. Being included in a collaboration of so many talented photographers was an honor for me. I have also served as the event photographer for several car shows and recently shot with a local band.